Hello, I’m Gill Collard, and I own and operate Inspired Framing, Melbourne’s premier mobile professional custom picture framing service.

I have been a custom picture framer for over 17 years and I am passionate about exceptional framing.

I come from a creative and artistic family, having drawn and painted for most of my life, thanks to my parents who were both talented artists.

I now dedicate several days a week consulting with my own clientele who are also passionate about framing their artwork well.

For me, the greatest part of being a framer is witnessing the pure joy on my client’s face when I transform their artworks into stunning pieces of art that provide a constant source of visual pleasure.

My professional yet friendly personality will quickly put you at ease as I demonstrate my ability to create extraordinary designs that will complement and accentuate your artwork.

Are you ready for me to transform your framing experience?


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