Inspired Framing delivers mobile picture framing in Melbourne

Hello I’m Gill Collard

I own and operate Inspired Framing. We offer premium home consultations for custom picture framing in Melbourne.

I have been a custom picture framer for over 18 years and I am passionate about exceptional framing. Take a look at what my clients have to say about their Inspired Framing experience.

Background about Inspired Framing

I come from an artistic family, having drawn and painted for most of my life, thanks to my parents who were both talented artists.

So now I consult with my own clientele in the comfort of their own home who are also passionate about framing their artwork well.

Because for me, the greatest part of being a framer is witnessing the pure joy on my client’s face when I transform their artworks into stunning pieces of art that provide a constant source of visual pleasure.

My professional yet friendly personality will quickly put you at ease as I demonstrate my ability to create extraordinary designs that will complement and accentuate your artwork.

You can learn more about Inspired Framing here

Or check out our Google My Business page.

So are you ready for me to transform your framing experience?

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  1. When he was asked if he could paint or draw himself, Charles Saatchi – who opened and developed the world famous Saatchi Gallery in London – replied ‘not even a little bit’. So while artistic talent may not be a prerequisite for running a successful gallery, I believe it most certainly is for running a creative picture framing business. And that’s why I sincerely wish i had known about your services before now. A lot of my pictures would have been substantially enhanced by a framer like yourself, equipped with with a background in art. What also impresses me about your company is that you offer home consulting – thus enabling framing which is compatible with domestic decor. This can make a significant improvement to a painting’s visual and decorative strength. Other pluses include your wide range of frames and the fact you are able to discuss your customers’ requirements in a relaxing home environment – far preferable to doing so in a busy retail situation, which is not conducive to achieving the best outcomes. I look forward to working closely with you on my future framing requirements.

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